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Lanford Black is Seattle soul and grit. Blending vintage soul and funk with modern indie rock, LB creates a feeling they call "electric sweat". Their sound is highlighted by raw vocals, tight harmonies and a twin rhythm section laying down embryo-splitting grooves. According to Seattle Music Insider, “The chemistry between the band members is fantastic, and they make it obvious that they truly love making music together.”     

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Seattle Music Insider

Tractor Tavern Show review: 

Van Eps and co: The New Sound Of Seattle

"Lanford Black opened this amazing night with a set of infectious songs that brought fans and concert goers out onto the floor to dance..."


Northwest Music Scene

100 Bands in 100 Days | Day 95: Lanford Black

"...the distinct vocal stylings of Zach Shaw are what separates Lanford Black..."





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by Lanford Black

Released November 2015
Engineered by Kevin Munro at Nickelbush Studios
Mastered by Chris Vita at Vita Mastering